CI/CD With Unreal Engine, Jenkins and Perforce

Learn how to automate your pipelines from start to finish

Thu, 16 Sep 2021

This is going to be a bit of a long series. In this series I’m hoping to show you how to easily set up a CI/CD environment for your Unreal Engine projects without having to go through all the loops that I did.

I automated my entire build and deploy process(except for production builds) in order to speed up the process as well as make sure each deployment is replicated in the same fashion as the last one. I currently use PlayFab for server deployments, Steam for my client builds, Perforce for source code management and Jenkins to manage the entire process.

There isn’t going to be much info in this post. This is mainly to redirect you to the correct post for each step in the process. As I post these topics I will update each step with the corresponding link

  1. Perforce setup for Unreal Engine
  2. Jenkins setup for Unreal and Perforce
  3. Setting up an Unreal Engine build agent
  4. Jenkinsfile Overview
  5. Setup and Clean Phase
  6. Testing Phase
  7. Build Phase
  8. Deploying to Steam
  9. Deploying to PlayFab
  10. Bonus - Automating PlayFab Multiplayer Servers/Matchmaking
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Edward Beazer

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